Welcome Beautiful Soul...

I am Malti, Your Life Purpose Coach, Angel Card Reader and Jin Shin Jyutsu® Energy Balancing Practitioner.

I would love to use all my different tools and my wealth of experience and all my creative energies that I have acquired over the past DECADE to support you in your Life Journey. I am amazed at how powerful all this work can be. It has come from 10 years of learning and experiencing the most amazing things.

Through my business, Inner Bliss Healing, I now offer one to one sessions on Skype or on email for anyone all over the world with a Skype and Internet connection.


Gain clarity, wisdom & perspective

Services Offered

Life Purpose Coaching / Holistic Guidance is an exploratory process which functions as the bridge back to your own self-authenticity and empowerment.


Completely different from Fortune Telling or Tarot, an Angel Card Reading offers loving and encouraging messages that are (courtesy of your Angels) meant personally for you and which speak to your heart.


Jin Shin Jyutsu® is an Ancient Japanese Art, that utilises only gentle touch using the hands and finger tips instead of needles, to allow blocked energy pathways in the body to flow freely.