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I am Malti and I would love to help you through any challenge you may be going through using my healing and therapeutic tools and techniques in order to support you at this time.

Please do contact me, even if you're not sure what exactly you might need right now. 


I am so so grateful that you are here.


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"The very first thing I picked up about you is that you're such a loving and sweet soul and want to help others in need. That is admirable. You have these gifts that are just waiting to touch the hearts of people."  

Oliver Sayson, ASHOKA HEALING, 29th Feb 2016        


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Would you like to find out more about your health and how it is linked to your emotions?

Would you like to gain even deeper clarity and valuable personal awareness into what may really be going on in your life, health wise?

Allow us to prepare your personalised Health Insight Report. The results will be eye-opening.

Do please do drop us a message on our "Contact Me" page to get started  

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We all know this word all too well. 

 But can weight be helped WITHOUT EVER TALKING ABOUT IT?

WITHOUT selling you health products?

WITHOUT focussing on the current trends?

Yes, it can and that's what our Health Coaching does.

Because, the weight was never ever the cause. 



Please drop us an email  about our services below


Introductory Skype Chat   45 minutes..................................complimentary

Health Report (with a follow up 45 min Skype Chat)...........................US$100 

Coaching / Counselling / Skype Chat  1 hour..................................US$120

Angel Card Reading (with an initial 30 minute Skype chat)..............US$100

Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Balancing Guidance 1 hour....................US$120


Consisting of :-

Introductory Skype Chat 45 minutes

Health Report and a follow up chat 45 mins

5 hours of :---

EITHER Coaching and Counselling X 2 hours OR  Angel Card Reading + Coaching

Jin Shin Jyutsu Guidance X 2 hours

Coaching and Counselling for manifestation statements 1 hour



May wisdom, clarity & Inner Bliss always be yours Malti Lalwani

Services I Offer

Life Purpose Coaching / Holistic Guidance is an exploratory process which functions as the bridge back to your own self-authenticity and empowerment.


Completely different from Fortune Telling or Tarot, an Angel Card Reading offers loving and encouraging messages that are (courtesy of your Angels) meant personally for you and which speak to your heart.


Jin Shin Jyutsu® is an Ancient Japanese Art, that utilises only gentle touch using the hands and finger tips instead of needles, to allow blocked energy pathways in the body to flow freely.