Angel Card Reading

What is an Angel Card Reading?

It is NO coincidence that you're reading this page about Angels.

It's definitely not our imagination that everyone who is on the planet right now (and that includes you too!) have Angels around us constantly, regardless of whether we see them or believe in them. 

Angels are loving messengers sent by God, to assist us in matters both small and huge and to help make our lives smoother and more meaningful. They are there to guide and look after our safety, welfare and well-being. 

More and more, Angels and other heavenly beings of Light are making their presence known to us. All they ask is that we allow them into our hearts and lives and ask them for assistance whenever we are in need.

Using specially designed Angel Oracle Cards as my basic tools for communication, I am able to accurately transmit to you Angel Communication in the form of loving and encouraging messages

Please contact me should you have an issue that you need help with understanding better - when there are burning questions or you simply need a signpost, we are always here to assist.

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Life Purpose Coaching / Holistic Guidance is an exploratory process which functions as the bridge back to your own self-authenticity and empowerment.


Completely different from Fortune Telling or Tarot, an Angel Card Reading offers loving and encouraging messages that are (courtesy of your Angels) meant personally for you and which speak to your heart.

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Jin Shin Jyutsu® is an Ancient Japanese Art, that utilises only gentle touch using the hands and finger tips instead of needles, to allow blocked energy pathways in the body to flow freely.