How I Work With Clients

How I Work With Clients


When people ask me what sort of coaching I offer to others, I define it as a “bearing the soul” in a safe and sacred space.

You see, my soul calling is all about purposeful work and my business is all about consciousness and awareness.

I am a Heart Centred Peacekeeper who helps people process their life lessons.

I am also a Conscious Spiritual Seeker who works with qualities of empowerment and inspiration and I impart these to my clients because I have so much content to share through teaching.

Thus, my calling is to hold this sacred space so that a client may bear their soul in a safe environment and guidance may be offered at that point in time. And it is held for anyone who feels they are ready to explore this in their lives.

In simplest words, do talk to me, or ask me questions, it does not matter what the subject may be, I find that eventually I am able to see your light, your potential and I am able to guide you on your life lessons and some beautiful Universal laws and wisdom

Wisdom is Universal Law that is eternal and that doesn’t change. I thus am a wisdom keeper who shares the wisdom of Universal Laws, to make it more commonly understood by others. Thus the person I work with is ready to explore this aspect of his or her life and gain a deeper awareness than cannot be explained in conventional terms.

Interestingly, life lessons often some in the form of a “problem”, a “challenge” and that “problem” or “challenge” is rarely ever the root cause or the wisdom. It starts from that point and by the time you have stepped forward, you are never the same.
And so, I humbly extend this invite to you….

Come and “bear your soul” in a safe and sacred space. Please come and connect through conversation. Please come and ask me questions.

Allow me to guide you on what you may need right now…whether it may be higher soul guidance or balancing for the spirit, mind and body

Whether you have a question itching to be asked or whether you’re willing to “bare your soul” - that is simply share what you feel comfortable with without fear of being vulnerable…I will be honoured to connect with you for an appointment.

It will be my honour and privilege to assist and support you at this time.

Do contact me through this website for a SKYPE session which is your time. Ask me questions, share what needs to come out in conversation. This is a wonderful starting point indeed.

Life Purpose Coaching / Holistic Guidance is an exploratory process which functions as the bridge back to your own self-authenticity and empowerment.


Completely different from Fortune Telling or Tarot, an Angel Card Reading offers loving and encouraging messages that are (courtesy of your Angels) meant personally for you and which speak to your heart.


Jin Shin Jyutsu® is an Ancient Japanese Art, that utilises only gentle touch using the hands and finger tips instead of needles, to allow blocked energy pathways in the body to flow freely.