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Had an impulsive Angel Card reading done by my good friend Malti Lalwani today. I have worked with angels all along and it was amazing the way they delivered their messages to me through the cards. Awesome. Malti was in total control as she picked and interpreted the cards. Thank you Malti.

Parag Pattani
Grand Reiki Master
Parag's Reiki Hut
6th May 2013

Parag Pattani

I found Malti vibrant, innovative and very knowledgeable, also her approach brought about a balance within me, I felt her serenity, compassion and her love. Allowed me to release in a safe and gentle way. Kept me safe at all times. Even over Skype I felt her gentle embrace. Give me direction!

Anita B.
30th August 2016

Anita B.

Met such an awesome soul today. Again, I always meet the most amazing people by chance. Amazing how spirit guides you. Thank you Malti Lalwani for the Angel card reading. It was very kind of you, just what I needed to get me through this period. Xx

Do catch her on Achar! this Tuesday, 830pm on channel 5! She also does Angel card readings and they were amazingly accurate. Angel Whisperer.

Sasha Iqubal
4th July 2013

Sasha Iqubal

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